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Things to think about when designing your new Kitchen.

Top 10 kitchen trends of 2018

Some trends come and go and others stay for years to come. When doing your kitchen you want to make it your own, add the pop you desire and don’t be afraid to be different. You are unique so let your kitchen show that to the world. At the end of 2017 there was a small shift into the personalization of kitchen, Texture, metallic, color contrast and the ongoing industrial look. We have come up with a list of 10 different trends that are coming and ones that are staying.

A Kitchen is now the focal point in one’s home, it’s where we cook, socialize and everyone’s go to room. At one point in time the living room was the room to be, where your ambience should be more mellow and darker for relaxation. The kitchen though should be lighter, brighter and bolder.

I will be posting a series of Blog post with all the trends. Check out our website, Instagram and Pinterest pages to see our examples and ideas. Here our the top 2 to start us off.

1. Hues of blues

Don’t be afraid of the blues there is a large spectrum of cobalt, navy, baby blues and the teals. Blues are all over the spectrum, from your cabinets to the pop of blue in the back splashes and tiles. Don’t be afraid to add more colors, if you like using just blues use a 3-4 shade pallet and add it, Or keep it simple with your amazing blue cabinets pop of blue one the wall and add that splash of yellow with plates and gadgets. Two of the colors for 2018 are Oceanside by Sherwin Williams, which is a bluish green with jeweled tones. The second is The Green hour by Dunn-Edwards, this is a blue-green with gray undertones’.

2. The Boho look

This look is a warm and natural look with accents, Gold and metallic have been big for some years now. Brass, copper and gold I believe will continue into 2018 and maybe further than that.

By Using natural woods and browns then adding a pop of metallic you have turned your kitchen into a timeless look with great quality brands and materials.


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